ICL is a global leader in the Bromine, Potash, Phosphates, and Innovative Ag Solutions markets. Our mission is to fulfill humanity's essential needs by utilizing our proprietary technologies, innovation capabilities and processing expertise.

ICL realizes that people's needs evolve constantly and acts to provide innovative solutions to fulfill those needs, leading change and not just responding to it.  ICL benefits from a broad presence throughout the world in over 30 countries, across 5 continents with proximity to large markets, including emerging regions.




ICL is the world's largest bromine producer. It is used in thousands of products to make them safer, more durable and longer-lasting, in a word, better. These materials help to create more effecient and environmentally friendly energy, prevent the spread of fires and allow the safe and broad use of products and materials.

ICL produces fertilizers that serve an important role in the agricultural sector. The demand for fertilizers is driven and influenced by the growth of the world's poplulation and a shortage of arable land, which creates an increasing demand for food. We provide essential nutrients that help farmers increase the quantity and quality of their crops.




ICL is the leading global manufacturer and marketer of specialty phosphates and related products. Our phosphates and specialty blends go into many of the foods we eat every day providing texture and stability. Our products are also used in a variety of other ways including treating water for city municipalities and providing anti-rust properties for paints. ICL is working to develop farmer centric integrated solutions based on digital innovation. ICL is also dedicated to a greener world and is continuously improving its products and developing technologies that improve the environmental profile of plant nutrition.